We empower insurers to provide superior customer journeys

We assist our clients on the full frontend journey. From initial strategy and prototype stage to developing a unique frontend and launch it to customers. We work with an agile methodology with focus on open collaboration with you and fast progress. We offer an elaborate design & UX framework for optimising online sales in insurance.

APIs for Insurance Solutions

Get value from API that enable your existing insurance solutions for multiple digital channels. The API expose an insurance data model that is tailored for frontend development, which makes frontend development much more efficient and less dependent on deep insurance skills. In addition the API handles security aspects of online channels otherwise not handled by the insurance solutions.

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Optimising Insurance Distribution

Penni Atlas can automatically extract data from insurance documents. The output from data extraction is a structured digital representation of the insurance document that can then be used for further data-processing e.g. automatically creating a quote to a customer.

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Rich front-end framework

We have done a lot of frontend work for you already. Our frontend framework contains rich apps for insurance that we can tailor and integrate into your existing CMS platform. The frontend framework enables us to develop & test prototypes quickly and enables reuse of frontend apps across your business