Penni.io is a full stack solution for digital insurance distribution

Frontend CMS

Frontend CMS

You can create user-friendly mobile-first frontends

API layer

Insurance API

Gives you digital collaboration with your partners

Carrier Connect

Carrier Connect

Get your products online with integration to policy mgmt systems

Sales Analytics

Sales analytics

We tell you how to improve your online sales

White label

Your white label solution for digital sales through E-commerce partnerships can be up and running in a few days

Frontends Large

Build online frontends and widgets in no time

We provide pre-built and bootstrap full-sites templates available for speeding up development of full customer journey for purchasing insurances.

The same goes for widgets with the ability to be embedded directly existing websites, mobile apps and other digital platforms. Everything made for end-to-end sales and manageable from a dedicated CMS-module, making changes easy as drag-n-drop.

Through Carrier Connect legacy systems can support online sales

Our Carrier Connect framework integrates with core insurance systems and can online-enable products in matter of days. Carrier Connect employs a security-by-design model on top of your backend systems that adds a vital security layers.

Carrier Connect is specialized within Bankassurance, SMEs insurance and motor insurance, it is ready made for all private and commercial insurances.

Database IO

Allianz Automotive's vision is to accelerate digital sales through OEM partnerships.

The partnership with Penni.io will support Allianz Automotive in delivering our digital strategy in the Scandinavian market.

Penni.io has been a vital player in launching Coopforsikringer and other online solutions in a very short timeframe.

Speed to market has been key to us in choosing Penni as our partner.

API layer

An API-layer that your distribution partner loves

Penni Connect is an API-first platform with focus on building extraordinary customer journeys for insurance products. The consumer-oriented API increases speed of development of frontends, online widgets and the complete eco-system that is digital insurance. As a result Penni Connect have pre-built frontends and widgets that can interact with our core API with already enabled analytics and tracking capabilities, a rating engine, report systems and much more.