Release the power of your insurance products

Carrier Connect

Carrier Connect

Release the power of legacy insurance systems

API layer

Insurance API

Unleash the power of digital sales collaboration

Frontend CMS

Frontend CMS

Experience the power of superior customer journeys

Carrier Connect

Carrier Connect

The future of system integration for insurance

Carrier Connect is a flexible integration framework. It enables us to build integrations to both legacy policy systems and other third-party providers. Often integrations are the time-risk when introducing new solutions within insurance, which is why our framework reduces complexity and increases the speed of implementing and maintaining integrations.

Carrier Connect employs a security-by-design model on top of your backend systems that adds a vital security layers.

The Carrier Connect framework enables us to online-enable insurance products within days - instead of weeks or months.

Insurance API

RESTful API that your distribution partner loves

Insurance API is a flexible API Platform for insurance. Our RESTful consumer-oriented API increases speed of development of frontends and widgets.

Penni Connect have pre-built frontends and widgets that can interact with our core API with already enabled analytics and tracking capabilities, a rating engine, report systems and much more.

The endpoints exposed for partner will be fully documented in a Swagger-like format and can be accessed directly via all the endpoints.

API layer
Frontends Large

Frontend CMS

Flexible solution for creating frontends and widgets

All frontends and widgets provided by Penni Connect are connected to our Content Management module provided by Contentful.

Contentful is a headless CMS, which will provide partners with their own isolated content space. This enables Penni Connect partners to always edit and publish content via a very intuitive content management system. Content Management support localisation.

Our Frontend CMS comes with pre-built and bootstrap full-sites templates available for speeding up development of full customer journey for purchasing insurances. The same goes for widgets with the ability to be embedded directly existing websites, mobile apps and other digital platforms.

Why work with

Why Penni USP 1

Insurance technology experts

We offer a unique combination of IT expertise and deep understanding of insurance. We use advanced technology and have the full stack capability to support large brokers and insurance companies.

Why Penni USP 2

We practice online sales

Everyday we work with our clients to achieve better conversion rates in online sales. We use data, analytics and experience to establish the best performing online sales solutions for insurers and brokers.

Why Penni USP 3

Our clients trust us

We work in long-lasting engagements with our clients. We believe that efficiency lies in trust. We earn trust by giving trust - and that’s how we manage to continuously work efficiently. Both with our clients as well as internally.

Why Penni USP 4

Leaders in digital distribution

We are visionaries in digital insurance distribution. We are advisors to Open Insurance Initiative and we share open API standardisation as well as regulatory development in the industry.