Unseen price comparison website

A faster way for customers to get insurance quotes

Insurers wanted to provide their customers a better and faster way to get prices for insurance products. Based on unique technology developed by Penni.io, the new comparison site makes it extremely easy for customers to make sure they’re getting a fair price for their coverage. Customers don’t even have to type anything – they simply upload their policy document and get a quote for comparable coverage.

Configuration module

Based on rich frontend components provided by the Penni.io platform, the price comparison site was designed to deliver superior customer journey. Instead of spending time carefully entering their information, our software automatically retrieves all the relevant data from the document. That information is then used to instantly provide the customer with price comparisons across all insurance companies.

Project homepage

The price comparison site takes advantage of advanced Penni.io software that can analyse insurance papers (policy schedules and quote documents). The technology is able to read documents from many insurance companies, pulling out vital information like coverage, policy limits, and policyholder data. The output is a full digital representation of the document that can then be used for further data-processing, like automatically generating a quote for the customer. The technology has numerous applications - from improved lead generation through a smoother online customer journey to process optimisation when handling policies in sales teams.