About us

We care about insurance

Insurance dates back to the earliest human society. Since the earliest of times we have helped each-other in case of emergency. If one family's house burned down, the neighbours were committed to help rebuild paid by mutual aids. This makes sense for society.

This is still the case today. Insurance is a critical part of our society.

However, for many people insurance is very complicated. They lack understanding of their own needs. They lack understanding of consequences of their choices. This is extra worsened by the fact that insurance is becoming digital!

Our mission is to make insurance easier to understand and more accessible to everyone.

Our team

In founding Penni.io our ambition is to make the insurance sector more transparent. Our people ar dedicated to helping insures create great user experiences for their customers.

Jeppe Klausen
Founding Partner
Esben Toftdahl Nielsen
Founding Partner
Morten Andersen
Senior Software Developer
Pavel Kučera
Student Programmer
Dara Kilicoglu
Senior Product Designer
Lasse Viggo
Full Stack Developer
Sebastian Kolind Sørensen
Front-end Developer
Anders Engdal
We are always looking for great people to join our mission!